Wake up, start running for your life.

Digging the studio version.

Reluctantly I caved and did this:


Halsey St. sun spots

Halsey St. sun spots

Jim Gavin interviewed by Rachel Small for Interview Mag

My dad is a fourth-generation Long Beach guy, and this happy-go-lucky, laid-back dude. He was drafted in Vietnam, and he’s had quite a life. He’s worked in plumbing forever. There’s something about his ease in this place. He knows every single road and freeway in Southern California. In the evening, if you can find a way to drift towards the coast a little bit, you can catch the sunset. There’s a mood here, and a certain kind of light that I miss when I’m not here. In outlying areas of LA, where I grew up, you meet people that are very proud to be from there. They don’t care what’s going on in Hollywood. That’s the place where I feel most at home, and it’s a part that is rarely depicted, I suppose. Those middle places are the places I know really well, and try and capture, in some ways. The whole freeway thing is really interesting. When I had my sales job, I was in the car so much… I feel like I wrote a million novels in my head.


I’ve always been curious. I’m always chasing after something. I nerd out on things. But I’ve never had a hierarchy of literary cultures here or pop cultures there. I feel like The Simpsons mean as much to me as Ulysses. I think Joyce is a writer who finds joy and beauty in all the little bits of culture. I think in your 20s, when you’re trying to write, you’re probably trying to appear smart, and well read. I’ve kind of let go of all of these things. I just want to be honest—that’s the only real measure of a writer, for me, and I can only get to that type of honesty through a certain sense of humor. So, I have no problem being called a comic writer—I’d prefer that over a “literary stylist.”

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Sex and Fury 1973, must watch…

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Tom Gabel feat. Chuck Ragan - Greenback Dollar

I dont love this record but Laura killing it:

Because of the Shame - Against Me!

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