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Halsey St. sun spots

Halsey St. sun spots

Jim Gavin interviewed by Rachel Small for Interview Mag

My dad is a fourth-generation Long Beach guy, and this happy-go-lucky, laid-back dude. He was drafted in Vietnam, and he’s had quite a life. He’s worked in plumbing forever. There’s something about his ease in this place. He knows every single road and freeway in Southern California. In the evening, if you can find a way to drift towards the coast a little bit, you can catch the sunset. There’s a mood here, and a certain kind of light that I miss when I’m not here. In outlying areas of LA, where I grew up, you meet people that are very proud to be from there. They don’t care what’s going on in Hollywood. That’s the place where I feel most at home, and it’s a part that is rarely depicted, I suppose. Those middle places are the places I know really well, and try and capture, in some ways. The whole freeway thing is really interesting. When I had my sales job, I was in the car so much… I feel like I wrote a million novels in my head.


I’ve always been curious. I’m always chasing after something. I nerd out on things. But I’ve never had a hierarchy of literary cultures here or pop cultures there. I feel like The Simpsons mean as much to me as Ulysses. I think Joyce is a writer who finds joy and beauty in all the little bits of culture. I think in your 20s, when you’re trying to write, you’re probably trying to appear smart, and well read. I’ve kind of let go of all of these things. I just want to be honest—that’s the only real measure of a writer, for me, and I can only get to that type of honesty through a certain sense of humor. So, I have no problem being called a comic writer—I’d prefer that over a “literary stylist.”

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Sex and Fury 1973, must watch…

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Tom Gabel feat. Chuck Ragan - Greenback Dollar

I dont love this record but Laura killing it:

Because of the Shame - Against Me!

This is still my favorite thing ever.

Dave, Chuck and Dan, a little drunk - Prague (Revive me)

"If a new Andy Warhol came out now right now what I think he would become is a quick instagram photo shot or a quick vine thing, something on the internet or tumblr.

Those are the artist i feel sorry for, the sculptors and the painters because they become quick email or instant messages, “Oh check out this cool painting” “Oh wow thats cool” and then they go on to the next thing and that guy worked for six months on that and really broke new ground and it becomes a quick thing on your phone to scroll through. It seems disrespectful. “

Jack touches on how people wrongly perseve his distaste for technology, his love of shitty guitars and the forthcoming second Paramount box set.

Against Me! - How Low

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